Mergers and Acquisitions

Oftentimes, a merger transaction is the single most important transaction in the history of a business. Our management team has extensive experience helping companies in this complex process. In addition, we offer pre- as well as post-transaction advisory services to non-client companies and individuals contemplating expansion through acquisition.

SG&A’s merger & acquisition services include:

  • Due diligence
  • Audits of target companies
  • Transaction negotiations
  • Purchase price allocation
  • M&A transaction structuring & advisory services
  • Assistance with preparation of financial projections and forecasts
  • Integration analysis & planning
  • Reverse Merger Transactions

A company which has gone public by means of a reverse merger obtains the benefits of public trading of its securities, potentially including:

  • Increased liquidity of the ownership shares of the company.
  • Higher share price and higher company valuation.
  • Greater access to the capital markets.
  • The ability of the company to make acquisitions using the company’s stock.
  • The ability to use stock incentive plans to attract and retain key employees.
  • Going public can be an intergral part of a retirement strategy for business owners.

Sadler, Gibb & Associates has extensive experience in the complex accounting and audit issues inherent with the reverse merger transaction process. SG&A has the experience necessary to anticipate and handle issues related to timing of the audit of the private company, recapitalization accounting, potential re-domiciling, determination of year-end, interim financia lstatement and SEC reporting requirements, pro-forma presentations, and others.